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1.3G Live Rosin Preroll

1 Gram of premium cannabis

+ .3 Gram Live Hash Rosin

Inside a All-Natural Rolling Paper. Unleash the terps when smoking our full spectrum combination. Find our Live Rosin Pre-rolls at a dispensary near you.

Our Live Rosin is powered by

C-rex Cannabis. Learn more about the live rosin process

at Crexholdings.

Mini-Doinks: Half Gram Prerolls

Infused with THCa Diamonds

Our dedicated team carefully inspects each strain before we carefully infuse our flower with potent THCa diamonds. Enjoy the flavor, the power, the experience of our half gram, MINI-DOINK.  

 5-Pack and 2-Pack 


THCa Diamonds

1 of 1 Exotics -  1G THCa Diamonds. Dab them, sprinkle them in your joint, or use them in edibles. The possibilities are endless, and the journey is always extraordinary.

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